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Summer Camp


At Peaks' summer camps. Kids try things they never thought they would try and they do it while having fun and making new friends!
They never get pushed into doing anything they don't want to do but they get lots of support and encouragement from what we believe is the best camp in Lebanon.
And while lots of new activities and friends may not be enough for the kids, their parents will appreciate our summer camps that highly value not only your physical safety but your emotional safety as well. And by the end of the camp, parent will surely notice the new-found confidence in their kids!

Girls and boys - Ages: 7 till 14 years old.

2010 Sessions
Every session lasts 6 days.

Parents accompany their children to Peaks on Day One and recuperate them on Day Six.

Session One: Will be announced shortly
Session Two: Will be announced shortly
Session Three: Will be announced shortly
Session Four: Will be announced shortly

Registration starts as of April 15th. 2010.
Parents and/or the legal guardian must fill the Admission Form and send it by e.mail (see below), fax, letter or upon a visit to Peaks H&R.
The person signing the Admission Form certifies its legal power to represent the participant and formally admits that he/she has read the General Conditions and totally agrees with their terms.

Mrs. Hilda Bridi – Tel. 01-498775/6 – Cell. 03-883588
Miss Dolly Fakhoury – Tel. 09-333311 – Cell. 03-773804

Will be glad to provide parents with all necessary details.

Price and Payment
$800 per participant per session (VAT not included).
30% to be paid upon confirmation.
70% two weeks before the start of every session.

A discount of 5% is granted to brothers and sisters.
Price is subject to change without prior notice.

Peaks Resort does not proceed for any reimbursement in case of late arrival or early departure.
The prepayment (30%) will not be reimbursed in case of:
  • registration is cancelled less than one month before the start of the session.
  • any session is cancelled due to unpredictable events.

Instructors and assistants live every moment, day and night, with the members of their groups, providing full care to every participant, and lots of affection.

Care-Taking and Accommodation
Upon their arrival at Peaks Resort, participants are welcomed by the camp's director and taken-in-charge by the animators, after being selected in different groups as per their ages.
Participants sleep in the hotel's rooms.
Girls and boys are lodged in different aisles.

Laundry service is included in the camp's price.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are served as buffet where participants may serve themselves at will. Menus consist of Lebanese gastronomy as well as continental, prepared by Peaks' chefs under strict food safety and hygiene rules.

Snacks and juices are offered during rest times at 11h00 and 17h00.

A Day at The Camp
7.00 Rising Bell   14.30 > 16.30 Outdoors Sports
8.00 > 9.00 Breakfast   16.30 > 17.00 Snack Break
9.00 > 11.00 Foot ball training   17.00 > 18.30 Team Games
11.00 > 11.30 Snack Break   18.30 > 19.30 Showers
11.30 > 13.00 Foot ball training   19.30 > 20.00 Internet
13.00 > 14.30 Lunch   20.00 > 21.00 Dinner
      21.00 > 22.30 Theme Night

Besides the foot ball training sessions, all outdoors activities are performed under the guidance of Peaks' team of skilled supervisors, trained by Mr, Henry Augareils, a professional climber from the "Ecole Française d'Escalade". Safety is their prime concern.

Some Activities:
Sports Miscellaneous
Hiking Fire Camps
Biking A Day at La Réserve
Archery Swimming Pool at Faqra
Climbing Karaoké Party
Rappelling Theme Nights
Zip Line Treasure Hunts
Ropes Courses  
Basket ball  
Volley Ball  

General Conditions (Important)
    • Insurance
      During their stay at Peaks Resort, participants are covered against accidents and poisoning with Arope, a prime insurance company in the country.
    • Medical Discharge
      Peaks Resort is duly allowed, at all times, to take the necessary measures to safeguard the health and the well-being of the participant.
      This authorization gives Peaks H&R the right to take all necessary measures to ensure the adequate medical treatment of the participant at the expenses of the parents or the legal guardian.
    • Participants' Behavior
      Peaks Resort reserves itself the right to dismiss at any time during the course of the camp any participant who shows a behavior that is incomptible with the camp's rules and regulations.
    • Parents' Responsibility
      Parents or the legal guardians are financially responsible for:
      * all damages, voluntarily or involuntarily caused to the installations, equipment or other;
      * any harm or injury, voluntarily or involuntarily, caused to other participants;
      * fees for transport or repatriation of the participant because of sickness, accident, bad conduct or any other reason decided Peaks H&R.
      * pocket-money or any personal expenses incurred by the participant.
    • Parents' Visits
      Parents are welcome to call their kids every day at lunch and dinner time.
      Parents may visit their kids on Sunday and have lunch with them.
    • Advertising Material
      Peaks H&R reserves itself the right to use for publicity any photography and/or movie of the participants as well as any work done by the participants.
    • Suggested Wardrobe
      Full name of the name must be sown on each item of the participant's clothing.
      Every participant must keep a complete inventory of his wardrobe.
      Peaks H&R declines all responsibility for the loss of any item not marked with the full name and/or listed in the inventory.

      Pajama 1 Sports Shoes 1 Pair
      Underpants 4 Shoes 1 Pair
      T-shirts 4 Slippers 1 Pair
      Cotton Shirts 2 Swimsuit 1
      Socks 6 Pairs Hat 2
      Shorts 2 Lipstick 2
      Trouser 2 Medicine for Asthma  
      Pullover 2 Medicine for Allergies  
    • Strictly Forbidden
      Knives, Lighters, Matches, Daggers, Hatchets, Air Pistols
    • Valuables
      The use of valuables – wallets with cash money, cellular phones, electronic games, digital cameras, CD players and discs, MP3's – is under the responsibility of the participants. They can be deposited in the hotel's safety vault and used when necessary.